Did you know that 25% of used cars sold in Australia have hidden secrets?

With a comprehensive Car History Report from AusCarCheck you get “peace of mind” for just $19.98.

In the 3 clicks of a button you will learn if your vehicle has any history to reveal...

Do the number plates belong to the vehicle?

Is the car a written off car in another state?

Has the car ever been subject to an insurance claim?

Has it ever been reported stolen?

Does the VIN number match the vehicle?

Is the car a re-build from a write-off?

Does the vehicle still have finance owing?

Is the seller, really the owner?

To the average person, just wanting a safe set of wheels, there are many pitfalls and traps waiting to claim the unwary. An AusCarCheck provides car history and PPSR Certificates that will answer most of the concerns and allow you to make an informed, safe and rewarding purchase of your next vehicle.

Don’t gamble with your safety or that of your family’s

AusCarCheck guarantees you the most comprehensive market report on any type of used vehicle – Cars, Bikes, Motorbikes, Trucks, Trailers, Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats. We access local, State and Federal automotive industry data and insurance companies reports, to provide a complete used vehicle history. You can also use our report as proof of your own ownership when the time comes to sell.

We can also help you with the purchase of your vehicle by comparing current market values and advising of any safety issues on the make and model you are purchasing. All this advice is available instantly, with just the click of a button you will have access to your car history report within seconds, simply by entering the VIN number found on the side of the car engine.